Specializing in working with athlete/celebrity foundations, grassroots nonprofit organizations and corporate or team foundations. Our goal is to advance ‘a dream of giving back’ to ‘a lifetime culture of philanthropy’ from the ground up, build capacity for long term sustainability and achieve a mission that positively impacts lives.

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Philanthropic Services

Educating and advising individuals as well as public, private and corporate foundations on charitable giving and maximizing their impact based on their passion, values and long-term goals. This includes designing comprehensive grant programs and providing guidance for existing grantmaking programs that want to be more intentional. 

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Capacity Building

Building capacity means the nonprofit can effectively deliver its mission now and in the future.  Continuing to put strategies in place that improve a foundation’s operational, programmatic, financial or organizational progression will ensure a solid infrastructure and take an organization to the next level.

·    Organizational Assessment & Development

Conducting a customized and objective evaluation that clarifies and builds consensus around strengths and areas of vulnerability among staff, board members and stakeholders.  A realistic plan is created based on the assessment and implemented to effectively change and improve the organization’s operations and strategic priorities.

·    Operations Management

Bridging the gap between fundraising strategies and ongoing grant or service programs by identifying and directing the resources necessary to achieve the organization’s goals.

 ·    Collaboration/Strategic Alliances

Accomplishing a shared purpose over time may include increasing awareness or advocacy among stakeholders to promote a cause; strengthening or expanding program or service quality and performance; or creating a volunteer workforce in the form of an association or coalition to form a collective impact collaboration.  Mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships leverage the strengths of each party to achieve a common goal. 

Leadership Development

Supporting the leadership team and all staff members with tools to  identify strengths, develop expertise and create roles that leverage a person’s passion and abilities.  Counseling leaders in developing a grander vision that is attainable.

 ·    Board Development/Governance

Developing a strong group of ambassadors and providing them with the appropriate tools and support (including clear guidelines and expectations) is key to helping your foundation grow to its potential.

 ·    Interim Executive Services  

Hiring an interim executive director gives the organization a strong, clear, unbiased, internal operations analysis and extended time to organize a search process.  This unique role also provides stability to an organization in turmoil or in need of a transformation.